Ilona Gyapay still in the toughest race

Ilona Day 1 Yukon Arctic Ultra Tony Gonda.jpeg

Photo by Tony Gonda.

Of the twenty-two people who registered for the long distance Yukon Arctic Ultra only five are still in the race, and one of these is the young Canadian Ilona Gyapay.  “Like on all the other days we have seen temperatures down to – 40 degrees Celsius during the day. In all 14 previous races we have not had anything like that. For the athletes it meant still no chance to “relax” but a continuous worry about always doing everything right.”  Athletes have eight days to finish the race.  Try to imagine these temperatures and the fact that you are out there on your own hauling your own supplies, making all the right decisions to survive.  Think of the willpower and strength of body and mind needed to keep going hour after hour day after day.


Ilona Feb 2018 racing.jpg

Photo by Joe Bishop