Seek gold to win gold

Eric Gold.jpg

Today it is with great pleasure that I’m able to change the word in the poem “Gold” from “seek gold” to “win gold.”  Eric grew up in a northern gold mining town and now is on the Olympic stage wearing gold.  Eric is also the first openly gay athlete to win Olympic gold at the winter Olympic games. Congratulations to Eric Radford and Meagan Duhamel and team Canada for winning gold in the figure skating team event.



For Eric Radford


our fathers worked together under-

ground while you on the surface

gracefully chiseled the ice

the only boy figure skater


in town bullies taunted

you with their hockey

sticks. all of us children

of goldminers, and you


decorated with multiple

metals now win gold: Olympic

girl in your hands the first time

you threw her she landed


perfectly. scared of

heights she trusts you to

twirl her above your head.

soulmates. your hidden self


shared with the world. fear

is a sound in the inner

ear but has no refuge

there. courage is your world


Eric Gold 2.jpg