Congratulations to Eric and Meagan

Eric bronze 2018.jpg


Eric and Meagan have now added an Olympic bronze to their gold.

From The Star: “He was the only boy who was a figure skater in Red Lake, Ont. — Balmertown, really, one part of the six-town amalgamation that totals just 4,107 people over an area about the same size as the city of Toronto. Viewed from a distance, it sounds like the start of a movie. ”

“The 33-year-old won silver in team figure skating in Sochi; this year Canada won gold, and with that Eric Radford made history: the first openly gay male athlete to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.”

Eric’s movie has a happy ending but it was a long hard road for him and his family.

I also grew up in the Red Lake district and I’m immensely proud of Eric and Meagan, and immensely proud of Eric for being open about his life.  We can all follow our dreams, and I’ll now conclude my sport reporting and return to the dream of poetry.