“Pink” has been published in the Work Matters issue of Prairie Fire.

Table of Contents

Duncan Mercredi—Three Poems
Rebecca Carlson Molloy—Firstborn Son
Chimwemwe Undi—Three Poems
Anita Lahey—Frostbite
Cornelia Hoogland—Everybody Knows
Becky Blake—The Amazing Flying Velcro Twins
Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang—Two Poems
Patricia Robertson—The Old Speech
Rob Budde—Two Poems
Krista Eide—Dreamland
Tanis MacDonald—Magnificent
Lauren Carter—Triple Feature
Corina Gugulus—Balthazar
Genni Gunn—Birth Stones
Kirsten Pendreigh—Two Poems
Trisha Cull—Fifteen: a love story
Tiffany Morris —Honeymoon No. 2
Isaac Würmann—Pilgrim
Amanda Merpaw—Miss Mitchell’s Comet
Patricia Rawson—Work Matters
Tina Silver—Fortunes with Fries
Spenser Smith—Hundreds of Men: A case study
Sherryl Melnyk—Ball Breaker
Eleonore Schönmaier—Pink
Diana Fitzgerald Bryden—the horse long gone
Kelly S. Thompson—Death Cherry
Jeff Musgrave—The Office of Statistics
Jim Jackson—Companies of One: Our Selves and the Future of Work
Renée Cohen—Soul-Crushing Jobs on the Road to Fulfillment
Chelsea Comeau—The Hanged Man Chosen Upright
Chloe Mayes—Mixing Mud with My Body
Raye Hendrickson—In a Day’s Work
Jennie Hunter—Don’t Ever Tell Them That
Alan Hill—The Tractor Driver
Tricia Wasney—The Load
Elena Johnson—Ground-truthing
Joelle Kidd—Love Letters Under Glass
Susanne Von Rennenkampff—Folding Laundry
Rhonda Collis—The Keeper
Brad C. Anderson—Sisyphean Gambit


Cover Image by Jonathan Dyck