The vast landscape

Schonmaier Ed van der Elsken yellow bath tub.jpg

“…It’s what he loved

most that still inhabits the house:

his wife, his son, his yellow bathtub

with its view over the year-round

green fields. If you stood outside in the vast

landscape you would see the light

glowing in all the rooms…”

From “Night after night she dreams” in Wavelengths of Your Song

Photos by Eleonore Schönmaier from her visits to photographer Ed van der Elsken’s  home on a farm near Edam.

In 2017 Nina Siegal wrote in The New York Times “Even though his cameras were ever-present, van der Elsken’s work didn’t contain the least tinge of solipsism. It didn’t explore his personal identity — he was far more concerned with using his camera for documenting the social culture around him.”

Lust for Life is an exhibit profiling the colour work of photographer Ed van der Elsken and is on until 6 October 2019 in Rotterdam.

Timeline of Ed van der Elsken’s life.