Let us be

Schonmaier Let Us Be.jpg


Let us be

our best selves

for each other

let us not let

the world ruin

us let us not

make each other

anxious let us

be us where we

share the best

and embrace the

worst but where

the best floats

to the surface

years ago I walked

the shore and found

the coast strewn

with books fallen

overboard their pages

open in the breeze

ragged and worn

and wet and I took

a book home and

I still enjoy the essence

of those pages


Eleonore Schönmaier

4 thoughts on “Let us be

  1. Thank you Eleonore-the perspective this gives is reassuring-a great thought to carry to work today. I’ve shared this poem multiple ties this morning-some sun for the we seedlings nestled in our known covered spaces. Stay in good care. Love, Seana



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