The Doorbell


In 2009 I watched Igor Levit perform the Diabelli Variations live in a concert hall. After I wrote the poem “The Doorbell” where the narrator receives a visit from a total stranger and he grants her one wish.  She asks him to play the Diabelli Variations in her living room, and he does. In the time of the crisis Igor Levit is playing a house concert live streamed each day from his living room. Yesterday he performed the Variations which shows us how wishes do come true: music straight from his living room to yours and mine.

From The Doorbell


… S: Would

you play something for me?


She knows she’s to be granted

one wish. And he begins

Beethoven’s 33 variations


on a waltz by Anton Diabelli,

and plays all the way

through.  H: I’d love


to stay for dinner, but—. S: I understand…


from Wavelengths of Your Song (MQUP, 2013).




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