Grow expansively

Schonmaier Globe.jpg



What is the globe, but an orb

the size of a grapefruit


in your hand, and to go to the ends

of the earth is to journey across


the lines in your palm:

veins and arteries laid


out like a life plan.  Dreams

are what we believe in when we set


our sails, the spiderwebs

all fresh in the rigging.  One


person dreams of island life

and another of a country


garden with tomato plants.

Must we always travel


farther and farther away

when the meridians are laid out


so clearly in our hand-clasp?

We know that we’re caught


in a system of capillaries

and that the muscle called


our heart will eventually

abandon us along milky way


and spirals.  So on this Saturday

night tear up your visas, tickets


and decide your dream is where

you now stand, and that the people


who greet you when they unlock

their doors are the ones who will best


let your axon filaments grow

expansively snared.


(written in 2007)

From Wavelengths of Your Song (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2013)


“Globe” set to music by Dutch composer Nico Huijbregts for clarinet, cello, violin and spoken voice. 2015.


Photo by Eleonore Schönmaier

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