Don Domanski

Photo by Eleonore Schönmaier

“along the borders of names and descriptions

a starling flies through her own network of nerves

with no means of escape threading being

to nonbeing as we all do”

From “A Petition to Clouds” in All Our Wonder Unavenged

Kate Harris writes in Lands of Lost Borders: “I was turning the paper pages of Don Domanski’s All Our Wonder Unavenged. This was the only physical book I’d brought on the Silk Road, and his words proved a perfect choice: they were inexhaustible, almost prophetic, as though Domanski were travelling the Silk Road a day ahead of me and writing about what he saw.”

Don Domanski (1950-2020). We mourn the loss of a great poet.

I took the photo of Don at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.