The Time After

Three publications

On June 10, 2020 I wrote a pandemic poem without directly mentioning our current times. “Blur” has been accepted for publication in the chapbook The Time After edited by Miriam MacDonald. I’m honoured to be in the company of Kathy Mac, Anna Quon, Kayla Geitzler, Lucas Crawford, Jennifer Houle, and Janet Barkhouse, Matthew Gwathmey among others.


“Parameters of Loss” and “Touchstone” have recently been published in The Fiddlehead No. 284 along with poetry by Alyda Faber, Gary Barwin, Isabella Wang, Jordan Abel, John Barton, Alice Burdick, Adam Sol and many others.


“Outside the Lamplight Circle” and “Lake” have been published in Voicing Suicide edited by Daniel Scott, Ekstasis Editions.

“Few have been unaffected by suicide. Though considered almost unspeakable, suicide is ubiquitous. Voicing Suicide addressed this dichotomy with poems forthright and personal, meaningful and tender, intimately poetic and intrepid. Not only are the poems, each one, written from deepest heart, but the anthology is also book-ended, Prologue and Afterword, by illuminating insights on the topic…This volume is a first, an important book for all of us, those who have been touched by suicide and those who will be.”

–Arleen Paré, Governor General Award winning poet


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