Preview: Poetry Pop Up

The Field Guide to the Lost Flower of Crete is being held hostage in customs. Covid numbers are climbing exponentially. Weather predictions are at best nebulous. Often I think my northern wilderness childhood has helped prepare me to problem solve in all sorts of scenarios even though they may have nothing directly to do with my youth. So I’m looking at the obstacles and thinking of how to overcome them. The courier representative was as friendly as could be. We’re vaccinated but some of our friends because of their youth or hesitancy are not yet fully protected. As for the weather we’ll pray to those sky and storm gods and see if they decide to be onside. This is all to say I’m planning a Poetry Pop Up book launch, yes, in a field for the evening of July 23rd. More news soon.


  1. THanks, Eleonore ! It’s greta to hear your news. Best wishes to both of you ! Cheers, Dee Dwyer

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