Roy Dahl: Afloat

This photo is from when Roy Dahl and I were young. I was studying to be a nurse and in the photo (taken by my sister in our northern home) Roy was using my stethoscope to measure my blood pressure. I met Roy when I was thirteen and as teenagers one of our adventures was to canoe all night on the Red Lake which I described in the poem “Afloat.

The good news is that after a seven year wait Roy received a kidney from a live donor which will save his life and add quality of life. A miracle from a generous person who wishes to remain anonymous. Roy and his wife live in the Northwest Territories in northern Canada and not all expenses are paid so there is a funding campaign. Should you wish to contribute you can find the link here.

Roy is one of the finest people you could ever meet. He is editor-in-chief of The Native Press which he runs together with his son Zachary Dahl. “It is the only aboriginal-owned newspaper in the Northwest Territories.”

Wishing Roy a safe and successful surgery, a good recovery, and all the best for him and his family.