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Eleonore Schönmaier is the author of the critically acclaimed collections Dust Blown Side of the Journey (2017), Wavelengths of Your Song (2013) and Treading Fast Rivers (1999) all from McGill-Queen’s University Press. Her poems have been set to music by Greek, Dutch, Scottish, American and Canadian composers including Michalis Paraskakis and Emily Doolittle. The New European Ensemble and the St Andrews New Music Ensemble have performed her poetry in concert. She has won the Alfred G. Bailey Prize, the Earle Birney Prize, the National Broadsheet Contest, and was a Sheldon Currie Fiction award winner among others. Her fiction and poetry have been published extensively in literary magazines in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Her work is widely anthologized, and her poetry has been published in Best Canadian Poetry.

This collection could be enjoyed for the beauty of the language alone.

— Jean Van Loon