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This summer I’ll be on the Dust Blown Side of the Journey with a book launch on August 6 at Lexicon Books in the beautiful town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.


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For those of you reading the poem “Music” in Dust Blown Side of the Journey this is an image of the nature reserve. The poem is about the anticipatory wait as a composer finishes writing a score. The books comes with beautiful French flaps and “Music” is printed on the extension of the front cover.



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the net you cast

is never a trap:


it is the hammock

where I rest my


thoughts:  the welkin

and the forest-wild


that you weave

together for me:


your blue-

green threads:


the trim

on the shore


that I strive



from Wavelengths of Your Song (McGill-Queen’s University Press)

Outlined by Lamps

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A few strangers step

out from the shadows, but

they too remain silent; everyone


is blind and they walk

forward by feel to the upward

slope of sand that will lead


them to their bicycles…


From “Outlined by Lamps” in  Dust Blown Side of the Journey


Schonmaier Breathing .jpg

in the Balinese

jungle the tigers are real

but only as breathing


ghosts: in their hard-bodied

energy they once prowled

beneath the swing


of the vines…


From “Breathing” in Dust Blown Side of the Journey (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017)

When I reach

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Dust Blown Side of the Journey (McGill-Queen’s University Press) has arrived!  The images are spilling out from the pages.  You can obtain your own copy from your favourite independent bookstore.  Or if you are in remote parts of the globe where there are no bookstores you can order (plus preview poems with the look inside feature) from

Paradise Evacuated

My print copy of Magma  (UK) arrived in the mail with my poem “Paradise Evacuated”. From the editorial: “Throughout the issue, we have scattered poems that made us think, feel or laugh and often all of those at once. They raise words which connect bone with breath and dance across the razed, airless spaces in which we are otherwise left inarticulate.”




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the signs have

fallen and only

the frames

remain: they

contain within

their limits

the sea and sky

and an occasional

snail: missing is the

warning about

cliff edges


From Dust Blown Side of the Journey (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017)