So much remains invisible (League of Canadian Poets)

Tongues (League of Canadian Poets)

When I Reach (League of Canadian Poets)

Conversation (League of Canadian Poets)

Music (League of Canadian Poets)

Migrations (winner of the Earle Birney Prize and set to music by Emily Doolittle along with being featured in the Poem in Your Pocket Day brochure from the League of Canadian Poets and The Academy of American Poets )

What gets blown in (Vallum Magazine audio)

Avond en Overleven (Terras, two poems in Dutch translation)

“Wellenlängen deines Liedes,” “Vögel,” “Knoten,” und “Männer.” (Literaturhaus Stuttgart, four poems in German translation)

Evening (Prairie Schooner, United States)

While Reading Eva Hoffman’s Illuminations (Prairie Schooner, United States)

What we don’t think of packing (Concrete & River)