Poetry in Concert

Panos Gklistis and I had a wonderful time performing our Poetry in Concert. Audience members attended from multiple countries and multiple Canadian provinces. The event is archived until Monday and you can re-play the event here. You can also find the full program listed here. We plan to perform the program live in the real world as soon as this is possible.

In a form of extreme synchronicity Panos arrived just as I was swabbing a cut on my left hand. He showed me his left hand where he had cut himself in the exact same spot. We’re all living through so much stress present in the background or foreground of our lives. We have vulnerable significant others in our midst going through multiple hospital appointments which are difficult in normal times and are now exponential in the pandemic. We’re all trying to be as cautious as possible and step onto the stage of our lives wearing masks. We know multiple people who have tested positive and people who have been lost to the pandemic.

In these difficult times may we enjoy poetry, music and the love of friends and family. We also need to reach out to strangers in crisis. May dark days bring small lights of joy.

The still life photo is taken by Panos.

With ongoing gratitude for the creative life that I live. With ongoing gratitude to all of you.