Field Guide to the Lost Flower of Crete and Wellenlängen deines Liedes were mentioned in the Queen’s Alumni Review summer book section. Schönmaier “mixes intimate reflection with highly charged political and environmental issues to create the surreal feeling that winds its way through her fourth poetry collection.”


For those of you who watched my January poetry in conversation with Greek composer Michalis Paraskakis you may also be interested in knowing about his forthcoming opera Strella which was commissioned by the Greek National Opera. Libretto · Alexandra K*
Director · George Koutlis

The new opera deals with the meeting between Yorgos, a 48-year-old man newly released from prison, and Strella, a young trans prostitute who idolises Maria Callas, in a run-down Athenian hotel. However, as Yorgos’ accounts with the past are far from closed, another “prison” awaits him. Together with Strella, they must search for an exit.”

Photo by Michalis Paraskakis.

Michalis is currently completing the writing of his opera and if all goes according to plan, and with hopefully not too much blood shed, we’ll soon be celebrating together.