Other Side of the Map

My short story “The Other Side of the Map” received an honourable mention in the Dave Williamson National Short Story Competition. The main character is a Toronto travel writer who ventures north to interview the indigenous owner of an ecotourism operation. Together with the other prize winning stories, it has been published in both a print and ebook. You can order your copy of the anthology here.

In the story I use imagery from my own wilderness childhood.

“In my Megwaakwaang lakeshore rental cabin a white-throated sparrow started into song at three. By four o’clock the eastern sky hung out its pastel sheets and I was wide awake. I couldn’t blame my alertness on one hour’s worth of jet lag, and tossed and turned in bed. At five the float planes started to take off with a roar as if the world’s end was being launched. They were transport planes, the link to the no-roads far north:  land of lakes and endless bush. It was all a long way from my home in Toronto.” 

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  1. Congrats, Eleonore & HAPPY July !! from foggy rainy NS. Cheers, Dee

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