The Lining

“Lemon Tree” and “The Lining” have been accepted for publication by Stand Magazine (UK).

Stand has been a fixture on the British and world literary scene since 1952, when the first issue appeared in London. It moved to Leeds in 1960, then to Newcastle, and it is now edited from the School of English at the University of Leeds in collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University in the USA.”

Outside the Lamplight Circle

Schonmaier Lamplight Circle.jpg

“Lake” and “Outside the Lamplight Circle” have been accepted for publication by Ekstasis Editions.

Bridport Prize Short-List

Schonmaier Manuscript 2019.jpg

Two of my poems were short-listed for the Bridport Prize from a total of 3,911 poetry entries this year.


So Much Remains Invisible

Schonmaier Tongues.jpg

“Tongues,” “So Much Remains Invisible,” and “Outstretched Arms” have been accepted for publication in the Winter 2019 issue of Grain Magazine.  


“Compose” has been accepted for publication by Arc Poetry Magazine in the Spring  2020 issue.

Sweet Water

Sweet Water Caitlin Press.jpg

Sweet Water: Poems for the Watersheds gathers the voices of poets from across Canada, the US and the UK who write of water.” Forthcoming from Caitlin Press.

Contributors include Kate Braid, Gary Barwin, Eleonore Schönmaier, Katherena Vermette, Arlene Pare, John Pass, ariel gordon, Brian Brett, Trevor Carolan, John Terpstra, Russell Thornton, Zoe Landale, Christine Lowther, Elena Johnson, Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Daniela Elza, Rhonda Ganz, Geoffrey Nilson, Pamela Porter, Barbara Pelman, Kelly Shepherd, Rob Taylor, Zachariah Wells, Bren Simmers, and more.

“In Canada, the watershed runs into the Pacific, Arctic, Hudson Bay and the Atlantic. This water houses the aquatic ecosystems that feed and nurture not only the people, industries and animals on land but also drains into the world’s oceans. It is part of the hydrologic cycle that begins with water evaporation to become groundwater that seeps into rivers, streams, lakes and oceans. It is the water we bathe in, drink, and with which we grow our food. As it becomes more and more poisoned from industrial corporations, mining and the many, too many humans on our planet, it also becomes more and more endangered. We are paying attention. We are aware of the watershed moment that we inhabit in the twenty-first century. We know that change must come.”

Poetry in Motion

SchonmaierPoetry in Motion.jpg

“Weightless” has been chosen for the Poetry in Motion program.

“A public poetry art project, Poetry in Motion will feature short poems and excerpts from longer poems on transit ads in buses; digital signs at libraries, ferry terminals, and recreation centres; and printed postcards.”

The ten poets whose work will be featured as part of Poetry in Motion’s inaugural year are:

Anne Simpson

Eleonore Schönmaier

Matt Robinson

Cory Lavender

Shalan Joudry

Sylvia D. Hamilton

Shauntay Grant

Sue Goyette

Jaime Forsythe

Afua Cooper

The selected poems will appear in public spaces starting in October.

“Poetry gives us…”

Schonmaier TV.jpg

“In an age in which we too often desire answers to be black and white, in which we flee from ambiguity and complexity, and in which we find it difficult to see beyond the immediate or to read beyond literal, poetry gives us permission to wonder, permission to find the extraordinary in the mundane, permission to look anew at that which we imagine cannot be seen differently, to wrestle with what may seem unsayable or unimaginable.”

Kenan Malik


Work Matters


“Pink” has been published in the Work Matters issue of Prairie Fire.


Cover Image by Jonathan Dyck

When I Reach

Schonmaier Cycling.jpg

When I Reach” (from Dust Blown Side of the Journeyis featured in the Poetry Pause for March 29 from the League of Canadian Poets .

Additional poems were featured on March 21, World Poetry Day “it didn’t happen here” (winner of the National Broadsheet Contest), on December 17,  Conversation (from Treading Fast Rivers) and on November 1,  Migrations  (from Wavelengths of Your Song) .