“wonder and…wisdom”


Today’s Book of Poetry has reviewed Dust Blown Side of the Journey:   “Schönmaier is a perfect mix of Nelson Ball’s wonder and brevity along with the breadth and wisdom, experience and vision of a Lorna Crozier or a Sharon Olds.  That is some fine company and Schönmaier is right at home…monstrously good…Reading Dust Blown Side of the Journey is like that first long cool and quenching gulp of fresh spring water after a long hike.”

Magic Circle of Infinity

Yesterday evening by total chance Bobby Mitchell and I, each of us in different countries, were at the same time working on the New European Ensemble program for Dust Blown Side of the Journey.  The planned Den Haag and Amsterdam evenings will include the  “Magic Circle of Infinity” by George Crumb and the poem When the crumbs fall (among others).


Atlantic Coast

Schonmaier Atlantic Coast.jpg

While hiking along Atlantic coastal trails, I’m memorising poems which I’ll recite at the launches for Dust Blown Side of the Journey this week.  Also on these walks images for new poems enter my mind.  I usually write poems in my head before they find their way to page or screen.

When the crumbs fall

Schonmaier Nova Scotia lake.jpg

into my cage, I taste

Lorca on my lips.  why

had I forgotten


the stars? during

all those summers

the water stroked


my skin as I swam

in the night’s mirror

note after note


the stars inked

on the score

sheets of the sky


and when I play

their songs



call me from

the dark opposite



From Dust Blown Side of the Journey (McGill-Queen’s University Press)


Schonmaier Beachcombing.jpg




the net you cast

is never a trap:


it is the hammock

where I rest my


thoughts:  the welkin

and the forest-wild


that you weave

together for me:


your blue-

green threads:


the trim

on the shore


that I strive



from Wavelengths of Your Song (McGill-Queen’s University Press)